Dominator 3cly B36C

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Product Overview

Dominator 3cly B36C

The JMTCs Dominator turbocharger was designed to give you the most power possible and when we say the most power we mean it.  The Dominator turbo has a huge 56/80mm compressor and upgraded 9 blade lightened high flow turbine to give you the most power possible at the top-end.  If you are looking to dominate the street and strip this is the turbocharger for you.  This turbocharger can flow over 60lbs/min (600hp) @ 30psi so it requires a minimum of 3.5” exhaust.

Dominator Specs

  • Flat top Billet High flow flat top compressor
  • High Flow 9 blade exhaust lightened turbine
  • Large Frame turbo cartridge with High strength internals
  • 360deg bearing
  • Designed for higher pressure
  • High temperature Stainless steel alloy turbine housing
  • Water cooled bearing housing
  • Quick spooling dual scrolling housing
  • New electronic wastegate actuator (new turbo only)


  • 3.5” full exhaust
  • ECU tuning (to remove ECU preset power limits)
  • One step colder spark plugs
  • New oil supply line


  • F56       Cooper US only    (11/2016 — 12/2019)
  • F55      Cooper      (11/2016 — 12/2019)
  • Clubman F54      Cooper     (09/2017 — 07/2019)
  • Clubman F54 LCI       Cooper     (06/2018 — 12/2019)
  • Cabrio F57       Cooper     (12/2016 — 12/2019)
  • Countryman F60      Cooper     (10/2017 — 12/2019)




Requires 3.5" exhaust no exceptions, do not call and ask if you can use a smaller size exhaust or down-pipe, you can not!  All exhaust component have to be 3.5" or larger from the turbo flange to the tip of the exhaust or the turbo and/or your engine can be damaged due to low exhaust flow. At this time we are only offering refurbished units and this turbo has a fully refundable core of $1000.  If you send us one in advance no core will be applied however it can take 2 to 3 weeks to complete the refurbishing process. We do not have castings for this turbo so it has been Machined, hand-worked, and welded and there are no refunds for intentional changes!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review