B38B/C Turbocharger 1.5L 3cly engine

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Product Overview

B38B and B38C Turbocharger

Bosh OEM original manufacture replacement turbocharger is a guaranteed exact fit replacement for the original turbocharger that came in your vehicle.


HW Part Number 8631700

Brand/Manufacture Bosh

OEM Cross Reference 11658631897 11659488207

Warranty 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty


Vehicles this Part Fits

MINI F56 Non S (09/2018 — 12/2019)

MINI F55 Non S (05/2018 — 12/2019)

MINI Clubman Non S F54 LCI (06/2018 — 12/2019)

MINI Cabrio F57 Non S (03/2017 — 12/2019)

MINI Countryman F60 Non S (05/2018 — 12/2019)


Turbocharger Features

Billet compressor

Extended tip compressor wheel

High temperature alloy turbine housing

Twin scroll turbine housing

New wastegate actuator


Important Notes


This is a brand new Bosh OEM original replacement turbocharger and is a guaranteed exact fit replacement for the original turbocharger that came in your vehicle. Please make sure to check engine before ordering there are 2 engines with the same name and this turbo only fits the engine with the single port head. If the new actuator is retain/used the vehicle will need to be taken to the dealer or a show with the BMW tools to have the wastegate learning done. Otherwise dash will display a check engine light or service engine light/warring.


For best results and to retain the Bosh l warranty before installing your new turbocharger JMTC recommends the following. Sending your OEM catalytic converters (there are 2) to us for refurbishment or getting a high flow downpipe (and secondary catalyst) and installing a new oil line with the turbo. Cleaning or replacing the catalyst and replacing the oil line will eliminate the build up and oil coking that happens over time. This is will insure that preexisting problem/s or the problem that caused the initial turbo failure does not cause the same issue again. Do it right or you may have to do it twice.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review