Stage 1 to 3 Clutches and flywheels N18 (2011 MCS 2013 JCW to 2016 R Series)

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Product Overview

JMTC Dual Mass conversion kits are kits designed to not only replace the weak dual mass flywheel but this clutch and flywheel system has been modified to increase the holding load/torque of the clutch plates.  The kit includes a high torque pressure plate with our long life Kevlar clutch or extreme torque ceramic pack and/or solid single mass flywheel that is designed to replace the complex dual mass flywheel.  The Stage 1 to 5 is designed not only to give you extra holding force for the driving/tuning enthuses but our Kevlar clutches are designed to and will outlast and out perform any on the market.

You can have all the horsepower and torque in the world but without a good clutch to back it up your car can't use that torque to get you off the line quick. Your clutch will either slip reducing your acceleration or worse if you have a heavy Dual Mass Flywheel. The comfort designed DMF barely last under normal daily driving conditions, any added torque or performance upgrades or usage can cause it to break. On a few occasions new DMFs have only lasted a week in normal driving conditions. Not to mention that they slow down the engine and prevent you from reaching the RPMs you need quick due to their weight.

Factory components are just not meant to Handel the stress of your high horsepower driving machine. If not replaced they will leave you at the starting line or worse stranded on the road side. That is why we designed our JMTC high torque extreme grip clutches. Our clutches are designed to deliver the same performance as other expensive clutches at a much lower cost.

Our in house clutch designers and fabricators have been building street, strip, and custom clutches for over 36 years. Now we are using that knowledge and applying it to our Mini Cooper Staged performance clutches.

If you are ready for the street, autocross, or drag this is the clutch for you, and it is backed by our unlimited warranty. If there is ever any problem with our performance and racing clutches please contact us and we will make it right. If there is a manufacturing defect or something brakes during use we will replace it. Don't let a clutch designed for the street comfort leave you embarrassed at the starting line.



All of our clutches is built at our facility in America and are made with only Clutchtex Kevlar and Miba Ceramics.
Extended life Ceramic clutch pad (20 to40% thicker clutch pad then our competitors)


Clutch Kit Contains

  • Kevlar or Ceramic clutch disc
  • Clutch disc centering tool
  • Stock or Increased load pressure plate
  • throw-out bearing
  • Pressure plate blots


Install kit

  • Pivot ball (light, Standard, and JMTC recommended)
  • Guide sleeve (light, Standard, and JMTC recommended)
  • Flywheel Bolt (light, Standard, and JMTC recommended)
  • Clutch fork (Standard and JMTC recommended)
  • Master Clutch cylinder (JMTC recommended)



Kevlar has little to no wear in the life of the clutch, due to the low wear characteristics it might take up to 1000 miles before the clutch can hold 100% of the load.  We recommend normal street driving for a minimum of 1000 miles before you hit the track to allow the proper mating of the Kevlar and clutch plate surfaces.  Ceramic has no break in period and it fully mated in 10 or 20 miles.

JMTC recommends ordering one of our installation kits and a new master clutch cylinder.  The master clutch cylinder has a check valve that can become blocked and will keep the system pressurized and partially or fully engaged.  If it is blocked it will impede performance and can and WILL shorten the life of the clutch due to slippage and/or full engagement of the throw-out bearing. 

If the check valve is blocked the clutch could slip right after installation and the peddle/pressure plate fingers may bind when the clutch peddle is depressed.  If the master clutch cylinder check valve is blocked you will be lucky if the clutch lasts 15 to 20k miles Kevlar or not!  Our full Install kits are insurance that your clutch install will go well, the clutch pack last long, and prevent unnecessary premature failure.   

To keep the flywheel light it doesn't have a timing hole, timing needs to be done with a BMW or other flywheel lock and the use of equal length rods to level pistons.


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    Posted by Joseph S Williams on Oct 29th 2018

    Been looking for a clutch for my mini countryman s all 4 and do not was your time with other companies. JMTC is here for you!!! I called and Eric is awesome he talked with me about a clutch and I was just going to get the clutch but after talking to Eric. Getting the flywheel and the clutch was worth the wait and the money. All I can say is if you have any questions just call JMTC. ERIC will help you!! Thank you JMTC AND ERIC I will recommend everyone who drives a MINI that JMTC is just a email or a call away. I'f you want the best for your mini JMTC IS THE WAY TO GO!!!!!