Dual Mass Clutch and flywheels Conversion kits N18 (MCS 2011 to 2016, JCW 2013 to 2016 R Series)

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Product Overview

JMTC Solid Flywheel Conversion Kit


JMTC's MINI Cooper S Solid Flywheel Conversion Clutch Kit is a direct replacement for the OEM dual mass flywheel and clutch kit. Our clutch and solid single mass flywheel replaces the entire OEM Dual-Mass Flywheel and clutch set.  All of our flywheels are interchangeable with the OEM clutch sets and all other OEM components.  The steel surface can be refinished on the steel flywheel and the friction area can be replaced on the aluminum flywheel.

Why upgrade/convert to a single mass clutch?

Dual mass flywheels are designed to transmit less engine vibration to the drive-line so they do reduce some of the jerking engagements. But they have to be tuned to the power and torque output of the motor so they usually work reasonably well until they are abused, improperly engaged, or engine power is increased.  However this is not the rule and sometimes they do fail prematurely, they are also a consumable and can not be re-used.  

DMFs are also a two piece flywheel so the friction thickness is substantially reduced which can cause the friction area to super heat and glaze due to inadequate heat absorption.  Also since the friction area is designed to absorb the engagement they are made of two separate pieces with a long spring.  This internal spring has been known to break and/or the two halves of the flywheel apart. This can leave you stranded and it is an all to common occurrence.  The DMF clutch system is designed to last the 100k miles however they do not and even under normal driving fail around 60k and sometimes they fail in a way that leaves the car instantly in-operable.  Leaving you stranded and unable to limp  to the repair shop like you can with a strong traditional clutch even after it has failed.

Unlike the OEM Dual Mass Flywheel the JMTC flywheel can withstand any driving condition without the worry of a catastrophic failure.  Our flywheel has a performance proven traditional single mass friction surface that is 4 times the thickness of a dual mass flywheel.  This is good for a number of reasons, there is no way for the flywheel to separate, due to the thicker friction surface area the flywheel will absorb and distribute excess heat better, the flywheel can be resurfaced, and it is lighter.  All of these translate to a longer life and better performance as well as you only need to buy the flywheel once.  The JMTC flywheel will save you money since you only have to buy one, last longer, reduce the chance of glazing the clutch and wont catastrophically fail.  This flywheel is street, track, and strip ready so there is no reason you cant get one today, the real question is are you ready for the piece of mind it will bring!


Clutch Kit Contains

  • Valeo  (kevlar shown see JMTC stage kits for Kevlar)
  • Clutch disc centering tool
  • Valeo pressure plate
  • Valeo release bearing
  • Pressure plate blots
  • Aasco Steel Flywheel


Install kit

  • Pivot ball (light, Standard, and JMTC recommended)
  • Guide sleeve (light, Standard, and JMTC recommended)
  • Flywheel Bolt (light, Standard, and JMTC recommended)
  • Clutch fork (Standard and JMTC recommended)
  • Master Clutch cylinder (JMTC recommended)



Kevlar has little to no wear in the life of the clutch, due to the low wear characteristics it might take up to 1000 miles before the clutch can hold 100% of the load.  We recommend normal street driving for a minimum of 1000 miles before you hit the track to allow the proper mating of the Kevlar and clutch plate surfaces.  Ceramic has no break in period and it fully mated in 10 or 20 miles.

JMTC recommends ordering one of our installation kits and a new master clutch cylinder.  The master clutch cylinder has a check valve that can become blocked and will keep the system pressurized and partially or fully engaged.  If it is blocked it will impede performance and can and WILL shorten the life of the clutch due to slippage and/or full engagement of the throw-out bearing. 

If the check valve is blocked the clutch could slip right after installation and the peddle/pressure plate fingers may bind when the clutch peddle is depressed.  If the master clutch cylinder check valve is blocked you will be lucky if the clutch lasts 15 to 20k miles Kevlar or not!  Our full Install kits are insurance that your clutch install will go well, the clutch pack last long, and prevent unnecessary premature failure.   

To keep the flywheel light it doesn't have a timing hole, timing needs to be done with a BMW or other flywheel lock and the use of equal length rods to level pistons.


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