M101 F series S and Non S 2.4" Exhaust Adapter with Catalyst

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Product Overview

M101 F series 3cly and 4cly 2.4" Catted Exhaust Adapter


If you have a big turbo you know you need the extra safety a huge exhaust can give you because of the extra flow your big turbo is making. The M101 Exhaust Adapter is the largest exhaust adapter out there for the Mini Coopers, FWD BMWs, and Zinoro H60. It is full 2-4" from turbo to the swedge outlet (expanded to 4”). Now there is no need to buy a downpipe that that is to small for an upgraded turbo you can get it now and it will work with all upgraded turbos on the market and most exhaust systems.

The M101 is made of back purged tig welded 2-4" stainless steel that does not reduce at any point and has a 2-4" or 101.6mm outlet. It can be easily adapted with no cutting to any exhaust from the factory 2.25” all the way up to 3.5” with adapter.


M101 Specs:

  • Pipe DIA of 2.4" (101.6mm)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mandrel Bent Elbow
  • Back Purged and Tig Welded
  • Outlet 4" with adapter (enlarged to fit over 4" pipe) and clamp
  • EPA Approved Catalyst (check state local laws)

Parts Included

  • 4" V ban clamp
  • 4" gasket
  • M101 Exhaust Adapter
  • 4" Clamp
  • 4" Slip over Clamp/weld-on adapter



  • F56 3cly (non S) and 4cly S, JCW, and GP year 2013 to current 6
  • F55 3cly (non S) and 4cly S, JCW, year 2013 current year 2013 to current
  • Cabrio F57 3cly (non S) and 4cly S, JCW, year 2013 current year 2015 to current
  • Clubman F54 3cly (non S) and 4cly S, JCW, year 2014 to current
  • Countryman F60 33cly (non S) and 4cly S, JCW, year 2015 to current


  • X1 F48/F49 3cly and 4cly year 2014 to current (X118i X120i X120Li X120LiX X120iX X125i X128i X128iX X125Li X125LiX X125LeX)
  • X2 F39 3cly and 4cly year 2016 to 2019 (X218i X220i X220iX X225i X225iX X228i X228iX X2M35iX)
  • 1' F52  3cly and 4cly year 2015— 2019 (X120i X125i)
  • 2' F44/F45/F46 M/Active/Gran Tourer 3cly and 4cly year 2018 to 2019 (218iX)


  • M13 3cly 2015 to 2019



The M101 attaches to the factory turbo but has a 2-4" 101,6mm outlet, so may need to be adapted to fit the exhaust.  All factory brackets and connections retained.  We do not ship to CA (see our refurbishing service or the OEM catalyst).  Call us for discount codes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review