JMTC WasteGate Actuators

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JMTC Wastegate Actuator
This Wast Gate Actuator is a OEM replacement part for a Mini Cooper Peugeot and turbochargers which is designed to fit all Mini turbocharger models 07 to current.
When waste gate actuator is not operating properly because the diaphram has been damaged it can cause boost pressure deviation error code 2885.  If you Wast Gate actuator fails you will not be able to reach full boost. Replace it with a new one so you can reach full boost again.
K03 Fits all Turbochargers  S42HP, E45HP, JM07, JM40, 53039880163 53039700163 53039880181 53039700181, 53039880118 53039880146 53039700146 
K04 Fits all JMTC E45R, E45, and GTD47 turbochargers
This unit doesn't fit the Peugeot 150hp turbochargers pn 5303 988 0120 5303 970 0120, 53039880120, 53039700120, 5303-988-0120 5303-970-0120, 53039880120 53039800120 53039900120, 53039700120, 53039700121 53039800121, 53039880121, 53039880121 53039700121, 5303-988-0121 5303-970-0121, 5303 988 0121, 5303 970 0121, 53039880104 53039700104, 5303 988 0104 5303 970 0104, 5303-988-0104, 5303-970-0104 5303-970-0117 5303-988-0117 5303 970 0117 5303 988 0117 53039700117 53039880117 JMTC S42-P, E45R-P, E45-P, and GTD47-P turbochargers.  


(3 reviews) Write a Review

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    Worked right out of the box.

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 16th 2018

    Our customer needed a vacuum unit replaced on his turbo. The standard dealer recommendation is to replace the entire turbo unit & they want $2700 just for the part, nevermind the labor to change it. This is only what was needed & it worked great. Saved the customer a ton of part cost but he still had to pay the labor.

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    Worked Perfectly!

    Posted by Unknown on May 21st 2018

    Lost my boost on my Mini and just went to a Manic Stage 2 tune. Found out the waste gate actuator diaphragm was leaking. Found JMTC's website and they had the exact replacement. Mini does not sell just the actuator. Installed it and got my boost back. My car is a rocket now! Only had to make one adjustment with a full turn of the nut since I was over boosting. Great stuff and saved me from buying a new turbo.

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    Good product

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 15th 2017

    Awesome product...awesome company.