2020 and Newer UCU Unlock and Switch JMTC Tuning

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Product Overview

JMTC Performance ECU/DME Tuning for All BMW, Supra, and Minis 2020 and newer
Want more power and torque, than let the experts at JMTC optimize your ECUs tuning. We have had over 25 years experience making power on not only Mini Coopers but Fiat and Peugeot to name only a few. With our flash we remap the boost pressures, air fuel ratios, ignition timing, throttle response and the rev limiter as well as many other parameters. We also keep them in safe limits to keep your engine running strong. So If you looking for a safe tune that will make the most power and torque possible than this is the tune for you. Let our expert show you the power with minimal upgrades or really amp it up with custom tuning to match your specific upgrades.
  • Factory maps changed no redirects or sensor tricking
  • Emailed files 
  • On the fly upload
  • Optimized for your engine and upgrades
  • Optimized your ECU program
  • Original file saved
  • Multiple tune files available 
  • Safe chip tuning with over 20 years of experience
  • Road-tested before and track tested before released
  • Does not change ECU tune counter
  • Tuning module available 07 to 10 MCS/JCW
  • Retains OEM safety limits
  • Safe Timing advancement
  • Hight flow MAF delete tuning available *
  • Features like flames, burble *
  • E85 and meth injection *


  • All BMW 06-2020 and newer
  • All Mini 06-2020 and newer
  • All Supra 06-2020 and newer
  • Place order online or with JMTC
  • We will email you a DHL shipping label and software download link
  • We will send you a cable
  • Once ECU is returned
  • Download the installation file
  • upload the tuning
Important Notes:
  • This service requires that the ECU be sent to our specialist for unlocking before the ECU can be Tuned (all shipping charges are included in the price).  Tuning Requires a PC with a standard RJ45 Internet/ethernet port to upload the tuning file once the ECU is sent back to you. 
  • Require 91 Octane or higher fuel!
  • For optimal performance List All engine, exhaust, turbo, fuel, and intake upgrades
  • * additional cost
  • See JMTC tuning for pre-2020 ECU tuning https://jmtcperformance.com/jmtc-performance-ecu-tuning-bmw-f-series-and-zinoro/ tuneing


(No reviews yet) Write a Review