I8 Extreme Street B38 engine Upgraded Turbocharger

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Product Overview

JMTC Extreme Street I8 upgrade turbocharger for the B38 1.5L 3cly Engine

The JMTCs Extreme Street I8 turbocharger was designed with the street and track enthusiast in mind.  We started with our huge 51mm compressor and upgraded high flow turbine to give you full boost quick and a huge amount of power at the top end.  We also designed it to maintain the quick response of the original turbo, deliver much more torque and power and give you around 265 (stingy dyno) to 312bhp (dyno jet Engine only with supporting upgrades and tuning) and 460bhp with electric motor. 


This turbocharger not only delivers high torque in the low to mid-range but you will also see a power increase at higher RPM.  No torque or power loss like you see with the original small 40mm turbo. If you are looking for a great street, track, or strip upgrade that delivers full race performance this is the turbo for you.


  • Billet compressor
  • 9 blade High Flow turbine 
  • High strength internals
  • Upgraded 360deg bearing
  • Designed for higher pressure
  • High temperature Stainless steel alloy turbine housing
  • Water cooled bearing housing


  • 3” full exhaust
  • ECU tuning (to remove ECU preset power limits)
  • One step colder spark plugs
  • New oil supply line




  • i8 I12 LCI i8 2013 to 2019
  • i8 I15 i8 2017 to 2019



Tuning is not required but will help the turbo and engine reach their full potential.  This turbo requires full 3" exhaust and can be damaged if a smaller size is used.  This turbocharger has been machined, welded, and hand worked to fit the larger wheels, there are No refunds for these intentional changes!  Check with the installer before you purchase, we will not refund for intentional work we do to upgrade the turbo.
Price Includes the core charge of $1000 that will be refunded when a I8 turbocharger (core) is returned to JMTC.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review