aasco Solid Billet Steel flywheels

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aasco Solid Billet Steel Flywheel


aasco's Solid Flywheel is a direct replacement for the OEM dual mass flywheel. Our clutch and solid single mass flywheel replaces the OEM Dual-Mass Flywheel and will fit the factory clutch set.  This flywheel is completely interchangeable with the OEM clutch sets and all other OEM components.  The steel surface can be refinished on the so it will last a lifetime.

Why upgrade/convert to a single mass clutch?

Dual mass flywheels are designed to transmit less engine vibration to the drive-line so they do reduce some of the jerking engagements. But they have to be tuned to the power and torque output of the motor so they usually work reasonably well until they are abused, improperly engaged, engine power is increased or used on the track. However this is not the rule and sometimes they do fail prematurely, they are also a consumable and can not be re-used.  

Since the DMF flywheels are made for comfort and not performance or longevity, they are made in two haves with a spring to absorb the engagement shock of the engine mounting flange and the clutch friction area of the FW. Since they are made of two piece flywheel the clutch friction surface thickness is reduced and don't pull the heat out of the clutch plate causing rapid clutch wear.  This heat and wear can cause the serface to glaze reducing both life and performance of the clutch.  The DMF clutch system can last about 100k miles however due to some of the issues mentioned above they don't and can leave the car instantly in-operable if the internal spring breaks.

Unlike the OEM Dual Mass Flywheel the JMTC single mass billet flywheel or Solid flywheel can withstand any driving condition.  Our flywheel has a performance proven traditional single mass friction surface and due to it being made of a steel billet it has an overall reduced weight.  The thicker friction surface area of the flywheel allows the flywheel to absorb and distribute the heat properly increasing the life of the clutch plate.  Also like a traditional flywheel the friction surface can be resurfaced so the flywheel can be reused.  All of these translate to a longer life and better performance as well as you only need to buy the flywheel once.  The JMTC flywheel will save you money, last longer, and wont catastrophically fail.  This flywheel is street, track, and strip ready so there is no reason you cant get one today, the real question is are you ready for the piece of mind it will bring!



  • OEM Fitment
  • OEM Timing/Lock Hole
  • Single Mass Solid Steel
  • Rust Prohibitive coating
  • Reusable/Refinish-able
  • Surface Finish for upgraded low wear materials like Kevlar
  • Light-weight to improved performance
  • CNC Machined and balanced.


    1' F52   (11/2015 — 08/2019)
    2' F45 Active Tourer   (03/2014 — 03/2018)
    2' F46 Gran Tourer   (07/2014 — 03/2018)
    X1 F48   (11/2014 — 02/2018)
    X1 F49   (12/2014 — 08/2019)
    X2 F39   (10/2016 — 12/2019)

    MINI F56   (04/2013 — 12/2019)
    MINI F55   (09/2013 — 12/2019)
    MINI Clubman F54   (11/2014 — 07/2019)
    MINI Clubman F54 LCI   (06/2018 — 12/2019)
    MINI Cabrio F57   (11/2014 — 12/2019)
    MINI Countryman F60   (11/2015 — 01/2020)

 OEM Interchange Numbers

  • 21208600211
  • 21208600213       



if you had a clutch or flywheel that didn't last 100k JMTC recommends ordering one of our installation kits and a new master and slave clutch cylinder.  The master and slave clutch cylinders has a check valve that can become blocked and will keep the system pressurized and partially or fully engaged.  If it is blocked it will impede performance and can and WILL shorten the life of the clutch due to slippage and/or full engagement of the throw-out bearing. 



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