ZF8 Auto Transmission ECU Tuning

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Product Overview

JMTC Performance ZF8 Auto Transmission ECU Tuning
Is your car making more power and torque and the transmission is just not keeping up, than let the experts at JMTC optimize your TCUs tuning.  We can optimize the transmission to the power output of your engine.  adjust shift points, increase torque limits, optimize your RPM when shifting and much much more.  Let our expert optimize your transmission TCU programing to the power output engine today.
  • Removing the TCU torque limit
  • A broader and stronger power band
  • Reduced transmission slippage
  • High line pressures
  • Firmer transmission shift patterns
  • Increased transmission shift speed
  • Optimized your TCU program
  • Original file saved
  • Safe chip tuning with over 25 years of experience
Important Notes:
  • If your car has more than 30k miles we recommend the transmission be flushed and the car driven at least 500 miles to insure there is no issue Before tuning!
  • Flush transmission every 15k to 30k, there is no such thing as lifetime transmission fluid!
  • Transmission tuning is not going to fix mechanical issues so make sure there are no issues before tuning the TCU
  • This is a performance upgrade so JMTC is not responsible for normal end of life, mechanic issues, or maintenance issues that arise after tuning
  • TCUs GSB23TU GSB231 GSZFB1 can be Remotely tuned/uploaded (Other ZF8 will need to be OBD at a local shop, call for locations)
ECU Tuning Process
1. After payment log into our site and download and fill out the ECU Information form (the more detailed the better your tune will be).
2. Place in the box with your ECU.
3. Ship to the address on the ECU information form not JMTC Performance.
4. We will return your ECU 2/3 day USPS.  If it arrives before 10am we can usually get it out the same day.
Contact JMTC for any questions concerns or shipping issues, Do not contact the local shop they are not affiliated with JMTC, will not have any information about your order, and will not be able to help you.  If you do ship your ECU to our shop it will have to be shipped to another shop and will delay the return.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review