Mini Cooper Blow Off diverter valve

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Mini Cooper Blow off diverter valve


Have you had issues with the diaphragm leaking on the OEM diverter valve/blow off valve or the hard  seat of the OEM diaphragm-less DV/BOC valve leaking because it damaged the turbo.  Well try JMTC's upgraded diaphragm-less diverter valve/blow off valve.  It is designed to hold up to the abuse of an upgraded turbo but retain a soft seat that won't cut into the sealing flange of the turbo.  While it is an upgrade, it still fits the OEM turbo and works great on the original Mini Cooper turbochargers. 



  • OEM fitment/Function

  • Upgraded long lasting non diaphragm

  • Soft Seat/seal

  • High temp Plastic

  • OEM Electrical connection



Does not include the mounting bolts


(No reviews yet) Write a Review