Catalys Refurbishing Service

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Want to insure your new turbo will last, the only way you can is to insure that the exhaust system you install the turbo back on flows as well as OEM.  A JMTC refurbished catalytic converters is the only way to insure a trouble free install.  After our proprietary process the catalytic converter will flow as well as OEM and there is no degradation since we do not process them with acid.  This is a Mini Cooper original manufacture unit so it meets all 50 state standards.  

Our proprietary process will not degrade the catalytic converter, remove crucial heavy metals, or damage the core like in many other chemical baste processes.  


Click here to see a video of a clogged catalytic converter.


To abide by local laws it requires that your downpipe be shipped to JMTC for refurbishment, the refurbishment process takes 2 to 3 days processing time not including the time to ship the item.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review