Super B48 B46 B42 Upgraded Turbocharger 2.L Engine

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Product Overview

Super F56S Upgraded Turbocharger


The JMTCs Super S F56 turbocharger was designed with the street and track enthusiast in mind.  We started with our huge 50mm compressor and upgraded 9 blade lightened high flow turbine to give you full boost quick and a huge amount of power at the top end.  We also designed it to maintain the quick response of the original turbo but deliver much more torque and power. 


This turbocharger not only delivers high torque in the low to mid-range but you will also see a power increase at higher RPM.  No torque or power loss like you see with the original small 43mm turbo. If you are looking for a great street, track, or strip upgrade that delivers full race performance this is the turbo for you. Don’t be left at the starting line by any other car and get one our Super F56 Supper S turbos today.


 Super Turbo Specs


  • Billet compressor
  • High Flow 9 blade lightened turbine 
  • High strength internals
  • Upgraded 360deg bearing
  • Designed for higher pressure
  • High temperature alloy turbine housing
  • Water cooled bearing housing
  • Quick spooling dual scrolling housing
  • New electronic wastegate actuator (new only)


  • 3” full exhaust
  • ECU tuning (to remove ECU preset power limits)
  • One step colder spark plugs
  • New oil supply line


  • F56 3cly  4cly S, JCW, and GP year 2013 to 2019
  • F55 3cly (non S) and 4cly S, JCW, year 2013 current year 2013 to 2019
  • Cabrio F57 3cly (non S) and 4cly S, JCW, year 2013 current year 2015 to 2019
  • Clubman F54 3cly (non S) and 4cly S, JCW, year 2014 to 2019
  • Countryman F60 33cly (non S) and 4cly S, JCW, year 2015 to 2019




  • X1 F48/F49 4cly year 2014 to current (X118i X120i X120Li X120LiX X120iX X125i X128i X128iX X125Li X125LiX X125LeX)
  • X2 F39 4cly year 2016 to 2019 (X218i X220i X220iX X225i X225iX X228i X228iX X2M35iX)
  • 1' F52 4cly year 2015— 2019 (X120i X125i)
  • 2' F44 Gran Tourer 4cly year 2018 to 2019 (218iX)
  • 2' F45 Active Tourer 4cly year 2013 to 2019 (220i)
  • 2' F46 Active Tourer 4cly year 2013 to 2019 (220i 225i 225iX)




For engine and turbocharger reliability reasons JMTC requires a 3" or larger exhaust (from turbo to exhaust tip, no exceptions).  As well as installing a new oil line and one step colder spark plugs.  Tuning is not required but will be will help the turbo and engine reach their full potential.  Price Includes the core charge of $250 that will be refunded when a rebuttable core is returned to JMTC.  Refurbished turbos do not come with a wastegate actuator.



This turbo requires a full 3” exhaust, why because the compressor is larger than OD of a 2.5” exhaust. This means that the turbo will be damaged if you don't size the exhaust correctly. If you choose to ignore our recommendations or take advise from someone that does not know or manufacture our products than you will be subject to the repair costs associated with this bad decision.

 In other words don't do something stupid because your friend that has a turbo on his car, mechanic that installed a turbo once, a random old forum post, and /or the salesperson that sold you the turbo said it would be ok. We are telling you that it will not! They also will not be reimbursing you the cost to re-install or refurbish the turbo due to their bad advise. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES INSTALL THIS TURBO ON A CAR WITH A EXHAUST SMALLER AT ANY POINT THAT 3INCHES UNLESS YOU WANT THE TURBO OR YOUR ENGINE TO BLOW UP!!!!!!!!!!! Also Yes this means any and all portion/s of the exhaust you cant have a 2.5” downpipe and 3” exhaust, a 3” downpipe and 2.5” exhaust, or a connection point that goes from 3' to 2.5” and back to 3”, The exhaust needs to be 3” from the turbo to the tip no exceptions!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review